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Priscilla Richardson, Mitie Client ServicesGo Green Week is all about raising awareness for and demanding stronger action to tackle the global climate crisis. Rising temperatures and changes in the environment has led to all sorts of natural disasters and the results have drastically changed people’s lives. It’s not just people hit by these disasters that are at risk, either – the worse the problem gets, the more likely we all are to end up affected, so we can all do our bit to help the cause.

This week’s blogger, Priscilla Richardson, is passionate about raising awareness for the issues and providing solutions for our team to get involved in creating a more sustainable environment.

What is sustainability?

Sustainability is defined as an ability or capacity of something to be maintained or to sustain itself without harming anything. It means taking what we need to live without damaging society or our environment. If an activity is said to be sustainable, it should be able to continue forever.

It’s easy to recognise practices that are unsustainable: fishing with trawler nets, which not only depletes the fish population too quickly but also draws in unwanted fish, or the continual destruction of the world’s rainforests, which causes long term ecological imbalances. While these may be things that are beyond your power to change, there are some simple but effective ways to create a more sustainable lifestyle for you and your family. Think about the choices you make every day and question from whence come your food, clothes, energy and other products:

  • When you go food shopping, do you check to see if you’re purchasing local produce so that you are supporting UK farmers and avoiding air miles (and therefore a larger carbon footprint)?
  • Are you unnecessarily wasting food?  Try to purchase only what you will consume – make a list of the meals you want to cook for the week and only buy the foods you need to make them. If you can, freeze any uneaten items or take your leftovers into work for lunch.
  • Have you got the space to grow your own vegetables? It only takes a window box to establish a delicious salad garden – you could be saving yourself money in the process, too. Visit www.thinkeatsave.org for lots of other tips to reduce your food print.
  • With so many more options with energy companies, you can choose one that supports energy sustainability. Unfortunately, there are cost implications associated with these tariffs, but if you can change your lights to LED (they use 95% less energy than ordinary bulbs) and turn them off when you’re not using them, that can greatly help.
  • These days, reducing and managing waste is well established across the UK, but far too many recyclable items are still being sent to landfill, so it’s important that we all do more to recycle what we can.

The little things really can make a big difference to the impact we’re having on our environment.  The world’s natural resources are already running out, so sustainability is crucial to a successful future. Let’s all get involved and keep up the ‘green’ momentum!

Priscilla Richardson is an account manager for Mitie’s client services business and editor of their quarterly environmental newsletter, Green Gossip.

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