A poem from a receptionist…

In front of the mirror, our uniform looks smart,

Out the front door, let the week start.

In the office, reception or staying in the car

Total commitment, so they know who we are.


Visitors are greeted with a cheery smile

As the ‘Hosts’ number we begin to dial

Heads a buzzing with new ideas,

And lots of new staff overcoming their fears


As part of a team or working alone,

Support is always at the end of the phone

Charity events raising a lot of money,

Doing midnight walks or selling cakes so yummy


Reading newsletters and training tips,

Looks after our welfare and avoids any blips

Health and Safety making conditions all the better

When we’re answering the phone or typing a letter


Managers liaising with all of their staff,

As they all undertake numerous tasks

And at the end of the day as we say goodbye,

We know a good job was done, we never question why


‘Cos we’re the Mitie Client Services team, did you have any doubt?

No one ever has to ask what we‘re all about,

We’re a focused lot, a team sublime

‘Cos we give exceptional and memorable experiences

to one guest at a time’.


Jan Powell is a receptionist for Mitie Client Services and clearly a very talented poet to boot!

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