Come together with Eurovision – diversity at its best

Jose_SaezThe Eurovision Song Contest in the UK is synonymous with Terry Wogan and Graham Norton and isn’t really taken too seriously but in my opinion, it’s TV at its best!  The feeling of unity materialised in music, that will be watched in living rooms across the world by over 200 million people, is so exciting and joyful!

I passionately believe that when turbulence is high, it’s even more vital to remember we’re all in it together. In the history of the Eurovision it’s never been more important to bring people together, to sing together, to laugh together, to come together. The premise of the contest is to highlight the things that unite us, to highlight what it means to be human.

This May, the Eurovision Song Contest will be celebrating its 61st year in Stockholm, as Sweden’s Mans Zelmerlow took first place last year in Vienna.

Eurovision has never been about borders, ideologies or politics; it’s been about reaching across all those boundaries that separate human beings from each other. Those boundaries are often our own prejudiced idea about race, culture, religion, sexuality and this is what limits our potential and our imagination.

One of the greatest challenges for each Eurovision is to tell the whole story in a new way and that’s why every song contest has a theme. This year’s is ‘Come Together’, and the new logo has been inspired by the dandelion, which symbolises the power of resistance and resilience. The magical dandelion consists of flyers; they can move away from the being and return to connect with the others to come together as one. The flyers have the power to embody artist, people, memories, encounters and magical moments, which sums up the Eurovision Song Contest.

This month you’ll be able to see how this comes together, creating another magical experience that aims to unite us all and for those not quite as passionate about the contest as me, here are my three top facts to get you excited:

  • The Eurovision Song Contest stands out as the longest running, the most loved and the most yelled at TV show in the world. 61 years and counting…
  • Australia will participate as a regular competitor from this year on, following the positive response they had from the audience when they participated as a guest last year
  • This year Stockholm will host the show with a record number of countries participating. A total of 43 will come together to battle it out to win and take the honour of hosting it back to their country.

Why not watch it this year with a different perspective? The live final is on 14 May at 8pm UK time.  I know I will definitely be watching!

Jose Saez is an assistant account manager for Mitie Client Services

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