Go back to basics to create an exceptional guest journey

Ana_CanabarroDo you remember what your first day in your current job was like? As you walked into your building, how did you feel? What did you notice?

After doing a job for some time, it’s natural for most of us to lose sensitivity over the experience our customers are having. We become so used to doing a job a certain way that we can sometimes forget to check what else we could be doing for our customers. To deliver on our exceptional and memorable promise, it’s important we continually innovate and find better ways to deliver an outstanding service.

One technique is to stop and take a look at the ‘guest journey’ with fresh eyes; taking time to see the whole experience from the guests’ point of view.  It’s a familiar phrase, but what does it take to make it happen?

Whether you’re in a customer-facing role, on the phones, or more behind the scenes, we all have customers and a responsibility to make them feel special. So here’s the challenge… analyse your customer’s journey from beginning to end with ‘fresh eyes’ and think about ways to enhance the service and make the customer feel more special.

If you were a customer entering your building, ask yourself:

  • What is the first thing you would see as you approach and enter the building?
  • What would you hear and see before you reach the desk?
  • How would you feel about the welcome you get?
  • Once welcomed, how smooth would you find the check in process?
  • Does every front of house team member greet you or smile as you walk past?
  • Does it look like the front of house team love their job?

If you were a new team member in your building, ask yourself:

  • How easy is it to find out the information you need to learn more about your new work environment?
  • How easily would you find your way around the building?
  • How helpful are the FM teams in the building and how do you know who to ask for help if you have a problem?

If you were a customer calling into your building, ask yourself:

  • What greeting would you hear and how would you feel about the service you received?
  • How helpful would this service be and how likely would you be to praise and recommend the service received?

Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes is often easier said than done and it does take effort. However, it is a very interesting and useful exercise to self-analyse and self-assess from time to time. The way to improve is to be really honest when we ask ourselves questions about how we do our jobs every day and what we could do to enhance our contribution. At Mitie Client Services, exceptional and memorable is the aim… but if we think we’re there, we have to always ask ourselves: now what? How can we make this even better?

Ana Canabarro is Senior Operations Manager for Mitie Client Services – Follow Ana on Twitter

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