How to be an exceptional telephonist

Angela BiedaIt’s National Telephonists’ Day, the annual celebration recognising the role of the telephonist, and we think they’re a team of people who deserve a lot of recognition!

Whether it’s in a busy call centre, a small telephony team, or a one person call answering service, the impact of the service they provide should never be underestimated.

We may be using more channels of communication than ever before but people still like to deal with a real person at the end of a phone and there’s a real skill in making every caller feel special. In this week’s blog, booking coordinator, Angela Bieda, breaks down what it takes to be an exceptional telephonist.

T – Trustworthy. Build trust between you and the client and make yourself the most reliable telephonist at all times.

E – Exceptional. Provide an exceptional service… one guest at a time.

L – Lively. Answer each phone call with an energetic “Good morning, how are you today?” instead of speaking like a robot. Believe me – that will change a client’s perspective.

E – Extraordinary. Try to make each phone call above and beyond the norm. Going the extra mile will make a massive difference.

P – Positivity. Spread your positive vibes across the telephone lines. Be the reason someone smiles on the other end of the phone.

H – Helpful. Be knowledgeable and helpful at all times, even if you have to leave your comfort zone.

O – Organised. Organise your desk and your mind so you can always find whatever information you may need.

N – Just be nice! What goes around comes around – be a nice person to the clients and clients will be nice to you. No magic required.

Y – Yielding.  Be a flexible telephonist. Try your very best to help your client, whatever the request.

Let’s celebrate the skills of our telephony teams.  If you’re passionate about delivering exceptional service, it’s a great profession to get into. 

Angela Bieda is a booking coordinator with Mitie Client Services

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