Induction into the Mitie Family

I have recently finished my induction into Team Exceptional having joined the Mitie family on 31 May. I’ve had a lot of on-the-job training since I started but the final piece of the plan was a three hour ‘induction’ which was all about the brand and values, our people, the culture and what we can do for our clients but it was wrapped up in a totally unconventional way.

There are many groups in life you may have encountered at school; the early birds, the latecomers, the shy, the loud etc.  At the Induction I was one of the early birds, along with a few others. Often these situations can be a bit awkward but straight away a lady came up to me, introduced herself as Amy and asked me about my background. She wasn’t brash, she wasn’t nosey, she was just plain friendly. Among the others sitting near me we also realised we all had something, other than working for Client Services in common – our watches. We were all part of the Fitbit club and talked about it at length before the morning session began. It really did put everyone at ease.

The table was laid out with fruit, sweets, biscuits, flapjacks and water, which is not something I’m accustomed to in training courses, but the sugar was a great way to keep us all going till lunch time.

Our trainer, Amy, started by explaining how we judge everyone on their first impression and actively encouraged us to judge her. Did we believe she was single? Did she live alone? Did she go to University? Could she drive? Was she an only child? And many other personal questions.

It got us all thinking. We’d all made pre judgements about her depending on our own individual contact with her that day. Half of the perceptions we make of people are initiated by ourselves.  It was an eye opening exercise for us all.

I’ve experienced some tedious training sessions in the past but Amy interacted with us, initiated activities without us even knowing and mixed us in different groups so we could meet and get to know our colleagues from across the business.

We were encouraged to ask questions, brainstorm ideas and challenge her. Sometimes it’s good, and refreshing, to take a fresh approach on a traditional aspect. One of the activities included her describing something, which we then had to draw. She didn’t specify what we were meant to draw but each person in the room drew something different and that’s what makes Mitie Client Services team members stand out from other companies.

As Mitie team members we are given the rules and regulations and then encouraged to bring our own personality into the equation.  We are not robotic; we are fluid and meet the needs of our clients with a unique approach.

Aisha Ahmed is a Client Services team member for Mitie Client Services

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