Is there such a thing as the most depressing day of the year?

Blue_MondayYou’ll no doubt have read about it in the paper, or heard it on the news – today is Blue Monday, said to be the most depressing day of the year. Researchers believe that by the third Monday in January, for the majority of us, our Christmas cheer will have long since gone, our next pay day will still be weeks away and our new year’s resolve will be fading pretty fast too.

The Blue Monday concept was initially published by a travel company advertising holidays and enticing buyers to get away from it all. And while January invariably feels like a very long month, especially after the excesses of the festive period, when we have the ability to choose our own attitude, can there really be such a thing as the ‘most depressing day of the year’?

Your attitude can have a powerful effect on people so here are some top-tips that might help you turn this year’s Blue Monday into a happy one:

Make a choice in the morning to be happy. Your entire day will be a reflection of the attitude you wake up with. If you start your day with a positive outlook, the things that may normally upset you can become irrelevant.

Be generous to others. Whether it’s to friends, family, work colleagues or strangers, make someone smile and get a sense of reward and satisfaction from doing things for other people.

Don’t take yourself (or the marketing hype) too seriously. Having a sense of enjoyment and fun in life is essential. The ability to laugh at yourself and learn from your mistakes should never be underestimated.

Be positive. We often encounter negative people, not just on Blue Monday, so learn to turn those negative thoughts around so people can feed off your positive vibes. Learn to lift them up with your positive attitude rather than bringing them down.

Smile. The effect a smile can have on others is amazing. It’s a simple gesture that has a massive impact.

On any given day everyone can have moments of feeling discouraged and demotivated, even the most positive of people. Sometimes all it takes is a smile, a kind gesture or a bit of positive thinking to help change that attitude so let’s make a choice today and choose happy on this Blue Monday!

Julia Orr is head of communications for Mitie Client Services.

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