Its Random Act of Kindness week – what can you do?

Imagine a world where people look out for each other, where we all pay it forward, where success is measured in selfless acts, where kindness is the philosophy of life…

This is the world the Random Act of Kindness Foundation hope to create and believe that kindness is the key to making that happen. It’s a fantastic vision and as far-fetched as it might seem to you, it’s one we can all do our bit to support. Kindness doesn’t have to cost a thing, or take up much of our time, but it can make such a difference to someone’s day.

Imagine the last time you were on the receiving end of a kind gesture – someone complimenting you on your outfit completely out of the blue; someone letting you jump the queue because you have fewer items to buy than them; or someone remembering your name when you didn’t expect it – each time would’ve made you smile.

The knock-on effect of that smile alone can be huge. Your seemingly small gesture will make the recipient’s mood that little bit more upbeat and will shape their next interaction in a positive way. The snowball effect from there could see everyone smiling.

Its Random Act of Kindness week, so we’re sharing some ideas we hope will make you think about how you can add more kindness to your day:

  • Hold the door open for someone, even if you have to wait more than a second for them to get there
  • Give someone a genuine compliment that makes them smile. Don’t just think it, say it
  • Write a thank you letter, or note, for someone who deserves it
  • Give someone a book you’ve already read and enjoyed
  • Smile at someone and say good morning
  • Donate those unused household items to a local charity shop or shelter so someone can put them to good use
  • Help someone who’s struggling with luggage or a buggy, don’t just walk past
  • Stop and help someone who looks lost or in need of support

If even one of these suggestions has made you think about the acts of kindness you can weave into your daily routine it will be a positive thing. Making someone else smile will have a massive effect on your mood too. It really is a win-win so let’s all catch the kindness bug and make someone’s day when they’re least expecting it.

Julia Orr is Head of Communications at Mitie Client Services and a passionate believer in kindness and the power of the smile 😀

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