Kitija Lace on working as a receptionist

Kitija LaceWhat is your role?

I work as a corporate receptionist for a global bank based in the City.

How long have you worked in front of house?

I’ve been part of a team of eight, working for Mitie Client Services, for the last three years. 

What does typical day look like in your role?

When you think about reception work, you might think a ‘typical’ day would entail sitting down at the desk, managing e-mail and admin work, with a big smile on your face for those who approaches your desk.

But for me, there isn’t a ‘typical day’ – no day is the same as the last, or the next one to come. I love arriving a bit earlier every day to catch-up with the team who are already in, I have my morning coffee and get myself in the mood to have an amazing day – I can then ensure the smile that I give to others is really my own.

Once I’m ready, I sit down at the front desk and that’s where the fun and work starts. Some might think it’s a boring job and that every day is the same but they couldn’t be more wrong. Every single guest who comes to our desk has their own little story and I could talk to them all for hours if there was enough time in the day! 

What’s the most interesting thing about your job?

I guess it would be not knowing what the next day brings. I love the lunch time buzz – the busy time when the adrenaline kicks in and I just can’t help myself but feel happy about it. It might sound a bit crazy but that is the most amazing feeling! You know you are in the right job when you can’t stop smiling and get excited about the things you do. 

Have you got any interesting stories to share?

There’s always something funny and interesting happening. A recent example involved me chasing up clients who’d accidently taken each others guest without even realising it. One had arrived for an interview and the other was here for a meeting. I did find them both in the end and it was quite funny.  The one who came for a meeting was asked “so why would you like this job?”, to which he answered “Well, I do have a job already”. I guess it was at this point they understood something was wrong but not before the interviewee had received a free coffee from an MD who wanted to discuss his business.

What is your favourite part of the role?

I am a people person so for me, it’s all about meeting new people and my role is absolutely perfect for that. Being a receptionist is not only about sitting at the desk and being smiley and polite. It’s really so much more and it has taught me a great deal – everyone is so different in their cultures and characters and the service they require may need to be different too.

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