Let’s celebrate the impact front of house teams can have on the customer journey

Today is National Receptionists’ Day, a day where front of house teams across the country should be recognised for the impact they have on the customer journey. Here one of our front of house teams answers our questions about working in our industry.

How many of you are in the team?

Four full time receptionists

How long have you worked in the front of house industry?

Between us we have over 20 years’ experience

What qualities does an exceptional receptionist need?

An exceptional receptionist needs to be focused, organised and have excellent communication skills. He or she needs charisma, a positive mind-set and passion for delivering a great customer service. Attention to detail is crucial, along with a proactive attitude, IT skills and the ability to stay calm under pressure. You’ll need to be good at problem solving, have great people skills, be approachable, literate and adaptable, while always displaying a ‘happy to help’ attitude and be willing to go that extra mile. A welcoming smile is always needed but it’s definitely not the only skill an exceptional receptionist needs!

How important is having the right person on reception? And, why?

Extremely important. A receptionist is the face of the brand and has the ability to make a difference to a customer’s first impression of an entire company. With this in mind a receptionist needs to reflect their client’s values in their appearance and behaviours.

As the first touch point in the customer journey, what do you do to make sure your visitors have an exceptional experience?

We meet them with a welcoming smile and attentiveness. We do our best to adapt to their needs, whether it be contacting their host, helping them get to their meeting on time, or having a friendly conversation with them. Our role is all about the customer.

What do you love most about working in front of house?

It’s the direct contact we have with clients and onsite colleagues. Working within a team of people who have similar values and work ethic and are passionate about delivering the best customer experience really helps make it enjoyable too. But above all we love being able to make someone’s day better by creating a welcoming atmosphere and making their experience a memorable one.

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