Letting your personality shine through while delivering 5 Star Customer Service

JaclynAs a Customer Experience Manager and Engagement Champion for the largest front of house company in the UK, Jaclyn Haynes knows a thing or two about personalising each customer interaction. Here she tells us how you can let your personality shine through while exceeding expectations and being truly professional. 

“When on the receiving end of great customer service it always feels natural, warm and easy, something that stands out in your memory and you look forward to receiving again and again. On the flip side a bad experience can feel very scripted or robotic and can seem quite unnatural. It stays in your memory for all the wrong reasons.

What distinguishes the poor from the exceptional is having the ability to understand the basics of customer service as well as your client’s needs and personalising your approach to suit your own unique style, creating an individual experience for each guest.

As the saying goes ‘knowledge is power’ and by arming yourself with knowledge of your product, business and service, the easier it becomes to deliver and exceed peoples’ expectations. The less you have to think about your job, the more you can just be yourself. It naturally shines through with confidence in both yourself and the service you deliver. Of course there will always be challenges and things that we don’t have the answer to right away but once you’ve mastered the basics, the rest is easy.

It’s also important to be aware of your surroundings and who you are talking to. Something that I will always remember from our internal training Academy programme is that there are lots of different boundaries within each and every workplace but that doesn’t mean we can’t play within those boundaries and have fun, so long as you know when and what is appropriate.

So with these top tips, go… be yourself, love what you do and sprinkle that exceptional service like glitter.

  • Smile – did you know that a smile is contagious and can also positively change your mood?
  • Communication – being a good communicator both verbally and non-verbally enables us to build and maintain relationships, which leads nicely onto the next tip…
  • Listening – understanding what’s being said adds value and meaning to our response.
  • Adaptability – how we tailor our approach to each individual and different situations. This is what makes us unique.
  • Empathy – the word derives from the Greek word em + pathos meaning ‘in feeling’. The ability to see things from another point of view allows us to connect with people and deliver a service that you would equally desire in return.
  • Lastly, be confident – it’s the best outfit you can wear!

As Oscar Wilde once said “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken”.

Jaclyn Haynes is Senior Customer Experience Manager for Mitie Client Services in Bristol

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