Make yourself feel fabulous every day

It doesn’t matter how engaged and enthusiastic about your job you are, the majority of us will sometimes get that morning feeling when we need an additional boost to motivate ourselves. If I wake up with ‘that feeling’ when the weather outside is miserable, here’s how I manage to make the mornings feel that little bit better.

  • Have the right mind set – this gives you the ability to constantly learn, provide the right level of service and show off your talents!
  • Think positively “This is going to be a good day” – you have to work hard to get to where you want to be in life and doing this with a positive attitude makes hard work a whole lot easier!
  • Maybe go for quick run – did you know that if you ran 12 miles a day for 2075 days, you would have clocked-up 24.900 miles – equivalent to the size of the earth? Better get going – it’s a great way of giving yourself a little space to think too!
  • Grab a cold shower – this will give you plenty of energy for the day – try it! Once you’ve finished your normal cleaning ritual, turn the nozzle as cold as it goes for 30 seconds!
  • Put your favourite music on to get your spirits up – my personal favourite is Westlife’s “World of our own” – why not give it a listen?
  • Make you hair look fab – everyone feels good with great hair!
  • Make sure your uniform is neatly pressed – first impressions are the most important!
  • Wear light perfume or aftershave – for me, perfume is part of getting dressed. It has the power to shift my mood, make me feel more confident, and is definitely an accessory!
  • Show your dazzling smile – it’s contagious and it’s national smile month after all!

Colleen Burke is a Customer Liaison Officer for Mitie Client Services

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