Organic Growth

In the economic climate we face ourselves, every organisation places an increased pressure on its business development teams to win new opportunities plus achieve sales targets and forecasts.

As leaders we set ourselves challenging objectives year on year. We look to enhance sales through winning new business; maintain or increase margins, reduce our customer turnover and develop productivity.  However one area progressively being ignored is organic growth, or more simply put building on what we already have.

We all understand the basic principles of organic growth but achieving it is another matter. The complexities of it are often misinterpreted; it is more than just selling more of what you do, it is about having to build a relationship of trust and highlight the capabilities you and your team have. It is then key to work alongside your customer and migrate into their culture to spot key development opportunities on how you can exceed their expectations before they even realise they have a demand …sounds simple really!

So where do we fail?

The fact that companies don’t focus on organic growth will often mean their people are not engaged with the idea, which can be the biggest downfall for many businesses as the people on the ground are your best sales advocate.  Frequently the team members on the front line are exceptional operators but do they have the business development skills like their colleagues in the sales team? Can they see those opportunities and then dictate a plan on how to resolve them? Do they know your client and their culture well enough to identify prospective business or more importantly risk areas?

So in short, if we invest in our people correctly the result should be empowered individuals who have not only the confidence but the tools and support to actively seek chances for organic growth. Individuals who live and breathe your company’s culture every day coupled with a strong understanding of your client and their business will ultimately lead to you being trusted to deliver excellence – in as many avenues as you chose to commit to.

By David Swift, Operations Director



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