Return on Investment

Keith SeymourIt’s National Customer Service Week, celebrating the important role great customer services plays in winning and retaining loyal customers. Justifying costs in every part of the business is crucial and here, Keith Seymour, Head of Business Development for front of house specialists Mitie Client Services talks about today’s theme ‘return on investment’. 

“It is often said that in any area of facilities management we are selling a service, not a product. In reality we are selling the promise of an improved service.

Clients who choose to outsource, particularly for the first time, need assurance that those who transfer to our company will be offered support and the opportunity to develop. They will also need to be assured that the service their clients and customers receive will be improved.  Our ability to demonstrate our investment in team training and engagement through statistics and team and client testimonials has been a critical element of every successful tender and presentation we have delivered.

For our existing clients that test us against the market, our ability to demonstrate a track record of both exceptional customer service understanding and investment in the team’s professional development have been cited as the key reasons for our retention.

This investment however comes at a cost, both in terms of overhead expense and time commitment from all levels of the business. In an increasingly competitive and cost driven marketplace, measuring the return on this investment in financial terms is essential. Retaining existing customers beyond the initial contract term and securing new clients through competitive tender is the clearest way to show a return on this investment, and to ensure that the softer returns such as team engagement and morale, retention and attendance continue to be enjoyed.

National Customer Service Week is a great opportunity to reflect on what’s important to our clients and their guests and how we can continue to improve on how we do this. Investing in customer service through training and engagement programmes, working with innovative technology partners and constantly testing ourselves against the best from within and outside the facilities industry will remain central to who we are and what we do.”

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