Reward and Recognition

Victoria Gilmour - Mitie - Photo.docReward and recognition is not just a “nice thing to do for people”. It is a communication tool that reinforces and rewards the most important outcomes team members create for your business. When you recognise people in the right way you are actively reinforcing the actions and behaviours you most want to see people repeat. It doesn’t need to be complicated.  In fact the most effective reward and recognition is simple, immediate and powerfully reinforcing, like a hand written note of thanks.

Leaders in your business have a clear duty to promote this culture and need to be proactively recognising the hard work and exceptional service of their team members. It is important to keep this consistent in order for the team to fully believe in your feedback.  It is also important for all those team members out there to celebrate the success of their colleagues.  The more praise you give out, the more you might just get it back!

Reward and recognition is such an important opportunity to motivate your team and colleagues and help others learn from those who are rewarded to hopefully repeat that behaviour.  One of our exceptional team members, Kamila Blaszczuk, sums this up perfectly on how it makes her feel:-

“From my personal experience I can share that there is nothing more rewarding than a happy and motivated team to work with. I think that the smallest gestures of recognition are vital and can change our approach in the smallest challenges of the day. I’m lucky enough to work with a team that is always happy to appreciate someone’s hard work and makes them shine like a diamond whenever we do something exceptional. My manager is never shy to express her appreciation and kind words towards my achievements, which makes my work so much more enjoyable, gives me confidence for future challenges, motivates me and simply makes me proud of myself! I guess that’s the secret for us to go that extra mile…”

Enjoy saying thank you to someone today and I guarantee you won’t regret it!

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