Ronaldo da Silva on working as a Front of House Manager


Ronaldo da SilvaWhat is your role?

I’m the Front of House Manager for the Executive office of a UK banking client. My key responsibility is to improve and enhance the customer service experience in this very high profile environment.

How long have you worked in front of house?

I’ve been in the front of house industry for 16 years, having worked on various contracts and in a range of different buildings.

What does a typical day look like in your role?

A typical day involves dealing with client requests, looking after and supporting my team of 13 and ensuring that we are collectively doing all we can to make a difference to all of our guests.

What’s the most interesting thing about your job?

To be able to really make a difference to someone’s life, be it to a colleague, client or simply someone walking into the building asking for directions.

Have you got any interesting stories you can share?

There are interesting stories going on every day. No day is the same in the world of front of house!

While walking through the reception area some weeks ago, the CEO of the bank entered the building to start his usual day. He was carrying a laptop bag, rucksack and a small porridge so his hands were extremely full to say the least.

I offered to walk through with him to hold the doors and as we got to the lift area he ran to get in a lift that was available. Not a single individual in the lift held open the doors, they closed and he missed it.

He was clearly very disappointed by this so I called another lift and accompanied him for the rest of his journey. I continued with some light-hearted banter and was able, just through simple conversation and actions, to turn the situation and his attitude around.  That’s the power of exceptional customer service!

What is your favourite part of the role?

To know every day is not the same – but most of all I love and continue to embrace the customer side. I love speaking to people and thoroughly enjoy meeting new individuals. This is what I enjoy most about the front of house environment.

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