The A-Z of Christmas by Mitie Client Services

A is for attitude that our teams choose so well

B is for bookings in which we excel.


C is for celebrations across the UK

D is for decorations to make your day.


E is for exceptional memorable experiences, one guest at a time

F is for first impressions which goes with the rhyme!


G is for greetings which our FOH teams sing

H is for ‘Happy holidays’ – to you that we bring.


I is for ivy around our front door

J is for jingle, joy, jolly and a whole lot more


K is for knowledge for which we are the go-to team

L is for lights which make your lobbies gleam.


M is for memorable interactions with every guest

N is for night porters who strive to be the best.


O is for ownership of our working place

P is for packages taking up lots of space!


Q is for queries to which we listen with intent

R is for receptionists that wish you Happy Advent!


S is for supportive teams all over the country

T is for team meetings under the tree.


U is for understanding given to every client

V is for visitors who on us are reliant


W is for welcome to our customers throughout the year

X is for Xmas which will soon be here!


Y is for yes we can help in any way,

Z is for zzz’s on the sofa after an exhausting day!

Poem by Daisy Black

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