The importance of communication…

Talking about developing a culture and behaviours that are lived and breathed every day is easy to do but creating and delivering it is something quite different. So many elements and a lot of time go into getting a team of people to buy into what you’re selling but the results can be amazing!

As a front of house supplier managing contracts across the UK, we’ve worked hard on developing a culture that all our team members can feel a part of, and internal communications plays a major role in that.

So much focus goes into promoting businesses to the external market, trying to sell the service and generate new business but those who deliver that service, your biggest promotional tool, are all too often overlooked.

Internal communication is key to ensure they’re all aware of the important role they play – involve them in decision making, let them share ideas and make them feel part of the culture.  Hold regular forums, survey them to gauge their buy-in and send regular newsletters containing information they want to read.

The result of this type of engagement is to ensure the team feel part of the company, fully understand and get behind the company values and get recognised for their efforts.

Engage in internal communication, prioritise it and most importantly of all, ensure it is delivered consistently so it remains a real, believable part of your culture and results will shine in your team’s behaviours each and every day.

In the words of George Bernard Shaw “The problem with communication…is the illusion that it has been accomplished.”

By Victoria Gilmour, Director of Client Services


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