The Importance of Diversity when Delivering Customer Service

Megan CrummyOne main thing that people have in common is that they’re all different. Bringing diversity into the workplace promotes new ways of thinking and can even help a company to grow.

When you walk into a building greeted by the Front of House team, the way you are treated is what you’ll walk away with – good or bad experience you will remember it. If there are three receptionists on the desk acting, behaving and looking exactly the same this would almost prevent a business being able to grow. It has a robotic feel to it and doesn’t leave as much of a memorable experience compared to if the team was more diverse.

Diversity in the workplace can range from race, age, gender, religion, personality, social background, education, style etc. opening up a mass of possibilities. Everyone is unique in their own way and promoting this can have a huge positive impact on a company as well as for the individual.

Having a diverse team can introduce more ideas, perspectives and opinions resulting in a better delivery of customer service and an increase of customer satisfaction. A workplace with diverse employees can also have a competitive advantage in the way the individual interacts with the client and guests.

Having a diverse collection of languages and cultural understanding can come a long way when providing customer service. If a guest from Poland arrives and signs in with a receptionist who is also Polish and this is acknowledged then a comfortable atmosphere can be set. Sometimes even doing something small like recognising where a guest is from and saying hello or goodbye to them in their language can come as a pleasant surprise and be greatly appreciated.

When diversity is encouraged this can inspire employees to perform to a high standard. It can also make the workplace more enjoyable when finding out about your colleagues’ different interests, experiences, backgrounds and more. When this happens you find your knowledge broadens and you can even apply this to your work, especially when providing customer service.

Megan Crummy is Front of House Facilities Assistant for Mitie Client Services

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