…A resource we all seem to be starved of.  In the past when I asked people, “how are you?” the response was often “fine”.  In today’s workplace, with the advent of technology, rightsizing, double income families and the 12 hour work day, the response I now get is “busy”.  I often find myself longing for extra hours, rushing around, juggling competing priorities and asking “is this urgent or important?” and more often than not, the answer is both.

Recently I met a man who put time into perspective for me.  I was kindly invited to a meeting of ‘like-minded people’, with the objective to find a solution to a very particular issue.   We were all introduced and then asked to tell our story (we all have one of course).

A lovely man named Alex Smith explained why we were invited.  He looked like someone I would enjoy hanging out at a barbeque with, though warm and kind his eyes looked a little weary.  He told this ‘campfire’ assemble that his name was Alex and that he had a 6 year old boy named Harrison (the same age as my daughter).  Harrison has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a catastrophic, incurable condition that, at present, will take his life in his teens or early twenties.  The disease destroys the muscles but leaves the mind intact until the last muscle to succumb is the heart.  As it stands now, Duchenne is 100% fatal.

Time, in that moment, seemed to stand still as I watched this strong 36 year old man with complete composure tell us of his fight for life, yes for his son but for all those who suffered from Duchenne.  How he wanted to help to change the status of the disease from fatal to chronically manageable.  How people, time and of course money (three high priority resources) were the key.

On my way home from the evening I thought of all the emotions I might go through.  Do you spend every waking second in your child’s presence?  Do you spend time raising money for the cause?  Do you work so that you can provide for your family?  It made trying to squeeze an extra meeting or project into my day insignificant.  What must it be like to know that every day, every hour, every minute is literally a race for life… what would I do?  What would you do?  What would then take priority in your life as time counts down the seconds from 10 years… that’s the race time 10 years!

Though I would hope that by reading this you join in the fight to find some answers for this cause, at the very least I hope that, like me, you change your relationship with time… with priorities, and recognise what is important.  When I asked Alex how he manages it all, where he finds the energy, the courage, the strength…. the time, he simply said “Make Time”.

http://www.justgiving.com/harrisonsf-und    http://harrisonsfund.com/



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