‘Twas the Night Before an Exceptional, Memorable Christmas…

Daisy BlackThe countdown is on to the holiday season,

Let’s eat and let’s drink – for all the right reasons.

We’ve all enjoyed Christmas these past seven years,

With laugher and fun (and perhaps a few beers!).


Now we are ready to join together

To have a great time and escape the cold weather.

Our clients have developed day after day,

And we’re so proud: Team Exceptional all the way!


There a smile to be seen in all our receptions—

We celebrate the holidays with utter perfection.

Furthermore, Client Services leads by example,

With lots of great Christmas treats to sample.


We’re the experts in facilities management

So we don’t need any encouragement:

In our lobbies the decorations are up,

While David is ready to lift his champagne cup.


In our unique culture, we’re always having fun—

Even in the winter when we never see the sun.

Because we’ve worked on our bouncebackability

An exceptional turkey is a high probability.


In Revolution Academy we were made aware

How to ‘make their day’ and always ‘be there’.

During this holiday season, please don’t be rude,

Always remember: choose your attitude!


From our Warm Hugs campaign to the Poppy Appeal,

For Team Exceptional, giving back is a really big deal.

Christmas Jumper Day was a fantastic success,

Raising lots of money to help those who have less.


Who’s got the turkey, and where are the sprouts?

Someone give the chef a wee dram o’ Grouse!

Christmas, after all, isn’t meant to be stressful—

Who’s looking forward to the Strictly special?


The Manchester Christmas markets are so jolly—

A great place to pick up the ivy and the holly!

The Birmingham team are truly well-rehearsed

With a cup of mulled wine and a yummy bratwurst.


Up in the Midlands, the Derby Rolls-Royce team

Are already getting into the season’s festive theme.

Thought it would be quiet, but they were quite wrong:

There are lots of events and, of course, a final song.


The switchboards are jingle-belling non-stop

But we need to go and finish our Christmas shop!

The teams in Bristol are doing a Secret Santa,

Buying silly gifts and having a bit of festive banter.


The facilities assistants are simply the best

By setting up meeting rooms for important guests.

The helpdesk teams, meanwhile, are in high spirits:

A bit of Mariah Carey? They sure know all the lyrics!


Across the UK, the impressive AV technicians

Are hurrying around on a special Christmas mission:

Fixing the speakers, arranging the lights,

Just so the client can listen to ‘Silent Night’!


The team at the Quadrant are totally in awe

Of their decorations, which are certainly not a bore!

Twenty feet tall are their beautiful trees

With twinkling lights that sparkle in the breeze.


The Vodafone team are singing ‘Let It Go’,

While the Scotland teams have had their first snow!

The team at Lloyds Banking Group – carols they sing,

With great anticipation as to what Santa might bring.


The loading bays at RBS are full of disarray,

It’s as if Santa has unloaded his entire sleigh.

The personal deliveries are almost out of control–

If it was up to Scott, he’d swap it all for coal.


What about the L&D team we hear you ask?

A festive Christmas poem – that’s been our task!

So from one part of Team Exceptional to another,

We hope you make this Christmas like no other.


The sound of bells will ring and chime,

People will sing and have a great time.

The time has come to welcome your last guests,

To hang up your uniform and prepare for a rest.


Enjoy it while it lasts, the Christmas extravagance!

Here’s hoping you eat, drink and ‘play’ in abundance.

Let’s keep in touch with Facebook and Twitter—

For the Mitie Revolution, we’re going to have to get fitter!


Have you got your outfit ready to ski?

This year, Battersea is the only place to be.

We like being under the mistletoe for a little kiss,

But All Team 2015 is at the top of our list!


And so now is the time to exchange the gifts,

Switch off the computers and shut down the lifts.

We hope that your holidays are second to none,

And we know that 2015 will be ‘the one’.


We hope that your Christmas is full of good cheer;

Thank you for another exceptional and memorable year.

Poem by Daisy Black

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