What does your company’s vision mean to you?

Pam_CarusoI work for a specialist front of house company who have a vision to ‘create exceptional, memorable experiences…one guest at a time’. As a receptionist, I often think about what this vision means and how can I really bring it to life?  Here are my thoughts as someone who welcomes guests every day.

It’s about taking pride in making people happy and wanting to care for each individual, whatever their sex, creed, religion or disability, and it must come from within to be seen as genuine.

Personally wanting to give your best customer service to each individual will never let you down – as it will become the norm.  I understand that some people have to work at it, it doesn’t always come naturally, but giving your best is actually good for you too. It helps you feel valued, respected and gives you a warm feeling that you’ve helped someone.

The reward you get is at least a smile back, which can’t be bad, and at best a customer who will want to come back and engage with the company that you represent.

The front of house team are the first port of call for anyone visiting a company and you only get one chance at making a good first impression.

My top tips…

  • A smart appearance and nice surroundings makes me feel the company takes pride and care in what they do, which reflects a good example of their product
  • Look and listen to how the visitors are greeted by their hosts as well as by the receptionist
  • Always give a pleasant smile and a sincere handshake
  • Try and call every guest by their name when you greet them
  • Having a relaxed and friendly approach will make you feel good and your guests will want to come back, as well as recommending your company to others.

The rest is easy….

Whatever day you’ve had, you never bring your troubles to work with you. Someone else has almost certainly had a day like you, if not worse.  Just think, you may have lifted their day and made them feel better, which they will appreciate!

It’s time to forget your troubles and achieve your outcome. By doing so your troubles will be lightened and most probably will not seem so bad. After all, it doesn’t cost anything to be nice. As the saying goes ‘small things in life are free’ but they are really worth so much if we think about it.

Pam Caruso is a receptionist at Mitie Client Services

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