Why training is like Artisan bread

Emma MelbourneNone of us can say we’re perfect, we’re ‘done’ and have learned all we need to know.  Every day the world keeps changing with faster connections, quicker snapshots and a faster pace of life and as soon as you thought you knew everything about a product, it’s changed!

Most of the time, if the changes are environmental, you subtly adjust to them and they become something you never even noticed that you’d changed your behaviour towards – so what is it about the word ‘training’ that can make some people feel like the last bit of cake nobody wants?

As everything changes around us, it’s important we adjust our attitudes and understanding of the situations that arise and training helps us do this. It’s the yeast to a good dough and helps us rise to our full potential. Training should never make you feel you are lacking in any form, instead, it should be recognised as a tool kit loaded with skill-sets to build on what you already have!

I recently attended a training session delivered by our fantastic learning and development team and I came out enthused, energised and thinking about the link between the impact of training and artisan bread! Stay with me on this one – not all bread is created equal, like us, but ‘artisan’ sums up just how much attention is given to the products, processes and monitoring that go into making a single ‘well-bred’ bread.

Training is an eye opener for some, guidance for others but at its absolute core is about giving you the skills to develop as a person, change your thinking and progress up the ladder if that’s the path you choose. You may be utterly content in your role and not looking to change, but that doesn’t mean you should stop learning about the changes that are happening around you, recognise them and get yourself booked on another course to learn more!

Training is the mixing stage of any good bread, it lifts us up, keeps us fresh, gives us new ways of thinking and new methods to deal with a whole range of situations. Mitie people thrive on innovation, challenging what’s gone before and making a difference to our clients’ every day.

So be the artisan bread – develop, let yourself rise and stay awake to the ever changing environment around you. Don’t let yourself go stale and get yourself booked on a training course!

Emma Melbourne is a front of house manager for Mitie Client Services

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