Will you be ‘making a difference’ on Earth Day on Monday?

On Monday, 22 April people from all over the world will be celebrating what is known as Earth Day. It’s a day that was created to show international support for environmental protection. This can be demonstrated in a variety of ways and can be done by anyone. So how can you participate?

The easiest way to help and probably the most important is to upload a photo of how climate change is affecting you and your community. This can be done via twitter using #faceofclimate. By doing this, you are helping to make this movement truly global. An example could be a photo of the snow that suddenly appeared earlier on this month. Who would have ever believed that we would have snow in April? I think the most powerful photo that I saw was of the sheep stuck in the spring snow!

It could be that your site is arranging a range activities and this makes it even easier for you to join in. A great initiative that I am going to be participating in is to have a ‘waste-less lunch’ on the day. This means making a pledge to only pack or purchase what you will eat and avoid using anything plastic. Instead, use reusable lunch containers, silverware, refillable drink containers and cloth napkins. If your restaurants at work do not normally provide these options, check to see if you can bring in your own containers to use.

As individuals, you can make a difference because collectively as a whole it all adds up, especially when it is on a global scale such as with Earth Day.

Find out more about Earth Day here.  If you’re taking part, leave a comment below to let everyone know what initiatives you and/or your company are involved with.

By Priscilla Richardson, Reception Manager

MITIE Client Services

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