World Cup Fever

AnaWith the World Cup reaching the half-way mark, the passion with which the fans are getting behind their teams reminded me of a lesson from Ken Blanchard’s book, Gung Ho – ‘Cheer the progress, not just the results’.

Imagine that throughout a match the crowds were sat in silence, watching. As the players came on to the pitch, as the first whistle went, as they passed the ball and tackled each other. Complete silence. The only time the crowd would be heard was if either of the teams scored. Otherwise, nothing. Quite dull, really?

Speaking as a Brazilian, football is such an integral part of the culture that no matter what gender, age or profession, everyone is united in their support for the team. Losing is not an option. Drawing is received with disbelief. Winning is the only possible outcome. Nonetheless, whatever happens, the crowd will be cheering the game on from start to finish.

This got me thinking about parallels with work and teams in general, so ask yourself:

  • How supported do you feel by your team?
  • How much support do you give each of your colleagues?
  • Is it football-style-unconditional-support-no-matter-what-happens-we-are-behind-you type of support or just when they do well and ’score’?

In short, are you a loyal fan of your team and colleagues? Do you support them through bad times as well as the good times? If not, why not?

People need to feel supported to perform well, it’s a nice feeling to know that you and your teams are in it together, win or lose, cheering each other on.

Ana Canabarro is Senior Operations Manager, Mitie Client Services

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