Keep calm and call the helpdesk

Keith SeymourAs the Chairman of Global FM, Duncan Waddell, quite rightly says, ‘FM is all about enablement… FM professionals empower people to reach their full potential and in turn create a productive world.’ It’s never been more important, in this changing economic climate where our clients need to be ever more productive and resourceful to be competitive that our industry is highlighted as being the enablers of a productive work place, allowing workers to keep calm and carry on.

The Stoddart Review is a great initiative to bring this to the attention of business leaders, but our own teams will already know the contribution they make to enabling our clients to stay successful.

From the moment you walk into the building, the facilities team are at work without you even being aware: cleaning before dawn, managing security round the clock, welcoming guests at reception, taking customer calls, booking meeting rooms and ensuring all areas are well stocked to name just a few of the services. Everything the team does is to ensure the work force can turn up and be as productive as they can be, focussing purely on their role and being able to communicate with their colleagues and customers.

When the FM team works well, you don’t even know they’re there and that’s how it should be. They are the ones paddling furiously under the water to ensure everything within the building is running perfectly to enable the calm office environment in which teams can excel.

And when something does go awry, there’s always one number you can call to resolve the issue. The internal FM helpdesk are there to support, reassure and action any issues so our internal customers can get back to business.

The Facilities Management industry is under recognised in my opinion and World FM day is a great tool to highlight the work we all do. We are the enablers of bringing the workplace together and without all the parts working in unison, our buildings and businesses wouldn’t function.  But maybe the reason we’re not well known is because we’re allowing people to work and be productive without even knowing!

This World FM day, let’s celebrate the work we all do to keep our economy, our technology and our workforce going.

Keith Seymour is head of business development for Mitie Client Services.

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