Moving away from the traditional image of support services

David Howorth recently wrote on the how the onus is on us, within the FM world to shift the cost vs service balance back from the procurement led culture that has recently developed within our industry.

A key way to do this is to help clients and procurement teams in particular, to re-address their concept of what core and non-core services really are. As companies look to reduce costs, headcount and overheads, directing attention towards those providing support services will always be more attractive than turning their focus to more controversial areas.

The truth is, many FM services can impact directly on our clients’ core activities, and have the power to directly affect their own costs, working methods and success. MITIE Client Services’ offering for one global management consulting and technology services client includes showcasing and demonstrating emerging technologies in a state of the art innovation centre. Our delivery of this service has a direct impact on the success of this key offering for our client.

In a previous role, the FM company responsible for reprographics at a pharmaceutical company developed some simple software to allow for online ordering and print on demand variable data booklets. This radically changed the way the company was able to screen patients across Europe for clinical trials, saving valuable time and huge expenses within the pharmaceutical R&D process.

Both examples were only possible as they emerged from contracts with a real partnership approach that fostered a culture of open minded and progressive thinking in how a client and FM partner can work together. We need to continue to move away from the traditional image of support services, which is increasingly easy to commoditise, and add direct and measurable value to our clients’ core business.

By Keith Seymour, Head of Business Development, Mitie Client Services

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